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The LOMSS laboratory focuses on research, development, design, analysis, optimization, and implementation of advanced experimental and simulation techniques for photonic and electronic systems.

LOMSS current projects address:

  • Optical performance characterization of high power LEDs
  • Design of LED-based lighting systems
  • Reliability analysis of HP-LEDs and LED-based luminaires
  • Advanced characterizations of semiconductor packaging materials
  • Adhesion analysis of critical interfaces in photonic and semiconductor devices
  • Moisture and gas diffusion analysis of semiconductor packages and packaging materials
  • Hermeticity testing and analysis of MEMS devices
  • Reliability analysis of packages and package assemblies
  • Experimental micro and nanomechanics (development of optical methods)
  • Non-linear structural modeling of photonics and microelectronic devices subjected to thermal-hygroscopic-mechanical loadings


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Room B0110E
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University of Maryland
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