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Optical performance characterization of high power LEDs

More High Power Light Emitting Diode (HP-LED) Research

Optical performance characterization of high power LEDs

Design of LED-based lighting systems

Reliability analysis of LEDs and LED-based luminaires

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The optical performance of a light source can be characterized by 3 parameters: luminous flux (lumen), correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI).  Lumen is the most critical parameter since it dictates the brightness of a light source.  CCT and CRI are also important when a light source is used for commercial areas (e.g., grocery store and shopping center) or decorative and exhibition purposes (e.g., art gallery or museum).

Optical performance of high power LED (HP LED) changes with time unlike conventional light sources such as CMF, fluorescent light and incandescent light.  LOMSS has been conducting research tasks on (1) development of effective methods to characterize the three parameters and (2) development of models to predict long-term optical behavior of LEDs.

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