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Design of LED-based dome for schizophrenia detection

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that changes the personality, actions, and thought processes of its victims. Unfortunately, current schizophrenia diagnosis procedures and methods are not reliable or affordable.  In some cases physiological brain changes have been misinterpreted as schizophrenia leading to wasted resources fighting a disease that was not present.  Also, some testing methods can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, a more effective way of diagnosing schizophrenia is necessary.

It has been hypothesized that schizophrenia has an effect on retinal operation.  Therefore, ERG readings of mice with and without schizophrenia will be recorded and then compared in order to validate the hypothesis that schizophrenia has an effect on retinal function.  However, a proper ERG testing environment is required in order to bring credibility to the ERG readings.  As a result, an LED dome will be constructed that produces uniform illuminance using light diffusers to ensure that changes in ERG readings are a result of schizophrenia or other health factors rather than a change in illuminance.

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