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Adhesion Analysis of Critical Interfaces in Photonic and Semiconductor Devices

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Adhesion analysis of critical interfaces in photonic and semiconductor devices

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The adhesion strength of an interface determines the interfaces resistance to delamination, or separation of the layers.  In plastically encapsulated devices, delamination has long been considered one of the most common failure mechanisms.  When the devices are exposed to extreme temperature and moisture conditions, the adhesion of the system will degrade with time.  It is paramount to characterize this degradation.  Applying this knowledge, manufacturers can assure they use adhesives with a sufficient initial adhesive strength that will last the expected lifetime of the product.  Current research is focusing on several key interfaces as new challenges are introduced due to tin whisker growth, new materials, and shrinking package profiles.  Testing configurations employed to determine the adhesion strength include pull test, four point bending, double cantilever beam, and blister testing.

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